Personalized Coaching Platform

A Human Experience, Powered by Technology

Discovering your strengths & opportunities

Knack helps you identify your strengths and opportunities using our 21st century human skills framework to

guide you to set meaningful and clear personal development goals

capitalize on your strengths

work through your challenge areas with your personal coach

Compatible with your people

Your people are matched with their ideal coach based on hundreds of data points to ensure a hyper-personalized coaching experience and maximize the benefits of coaching to each individual or team.

Personalized coaching

Together with their coach, individuals or teams set their development goals and work through them through frequent, virtual coaching sessions.

One-on-one coaching

Team coaching

100% virtual and secure

Learning on-the-go

Individuals can build and acquire new leadership habits through personalized bite-sized learning targeting their development areas and their coaching topics.

Personalized learning journeys

Short micro-learning material

Sourced from world class resources

Available in visual, audible and readable formats

Employee Coaching Employee Coaching

World Class Resources

Knack Learning platform provides a vetted and engaging library of micro-learnings sourced from leading sources and publications like TED, MITSloan Management Review among a few others.