Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises effectively scale leadership development using the latest technology & psychology research.

While technical skills are important, skills needed for the Future of Work are also inherently Human. In a world where most tasks are automated by the machine, it's our ability to practice our humanness that will allow us to thrive as people, as businesses, as teams, and as cultures to come together and solve 21st century human challenges.

We know that in cultivating the right mindsets and behaviors, we can create great human experiences for everyone, and it starts with us, the People.

Who we are

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers with backgrounds in Consultancy, Research and Startups based in the UAE.

Having a strong urge to transform MENA's People Development scene, we embarked on this challenge and brought Knack to life.

Our Values

For the region
Human first
Trust & Transparency
Infinite Learning
Future focus